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Confidence in a client is paramount. If we do not have confidence in a company’s leadership, values and vision, we cannot, in good faith, represent that company. Candidates depend on our representation of a client’s opportunity. They are worthy of our utmost sincerity and belief that our recommendations are accurate and on target with their expectations.

Character is as important as competence. Delivering results is important and how the job was completed is just as crucial a measurement of overall success.  Distinguished performances include high degrees of integrity, professionalism, authenticity, resilience and passion.

There is no perfect candidate. Mistakes and failures in a candidate’s career, not just accomplishments, are essential building blocks to success.  Some of the most significant setbacks provide opportunities for renewed speed, conviction, growth and confidence.  Disclosure of failures and shortcomings in candidate profiles and reference checks are as important as a candidate’s strengths and accomplishments.

“A” players start winning early in life.  Winning is a pattern.  People in the top 10% of a talent pool today have track records of achievement which began early in life.  The best evaluation and selection methodologies probe deeply into past performances and assess a candidate’s character and competencies looking for reoccurring patterns of success.

Industriousness.  Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick or easy way.  Outstanding search work is the culmination of hard work, relentless pursuits, constant communication and strong working relationships.  It is research done well, in addition to listening, learning and paying attention to the small stuff.  Great work is the result of superior execution of proven practices from the beginning to the end of the search process.

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