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Week 1 – 2: Research and Sourcing

Conduct Client Briefings - We form a close partnership to understand your business, organization, strategy and business drivers. We conduct informational sessions with your hiring team to expand our understanding of the organization’s management style, values and culture as well as the professional and personal attributes of the ideal candidate. We study your competitor’s environment and market position and analyze industry research to develop a comprehensive understanding of the search assignment.

Develop Position Specification – Through a facilitated process with all executives on the hiring team, we gain a thorough understanding of the position and develop a detailed document which outlines the responsibilities, competencies and specific performance objectives associated with the position and carefully review its contents to ensure a mutual understanding.

Develop and Initiate Target Search Strategy - Equipped with an extensive database and personal network, we conduct original research for every assignment we undertake. A preliminary list of targeted companies and candidates is created and forwarded to you for your review and feedback. Our clients find it helpful to circulate the research to members of the hiring team so that companies and individuals who should (and should not) be targeted or contacted regarding the position can be identified.

Identify Pre-Qualified Candidates – We draw on our personal rolodex and extensive network of industry contacts to seek out the candidates best-qualified to meet your needs, not merely those that may be available. We contact each individual by telephone to create interest in the position and obtain relevant background information on potential candidates. After extensive screening, we narrow our universe to highly qualified, interested individuals.

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