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Phase Two

Week 3 – 8: Candidate Development

Interview Candidates - This is the most crucial phase in attracting candidates not in the job market. During this phase we perform comprehensive, personal interviews, utilizing proven best practices for evaluating and recruiting “A” players that best fit your company’s needs in terms of background, expertise and personal characteristics. We share information about the opportunity and your company to further develop the candidates' interest.

Present Best-Qualified Candidates – We deliver confidential, comprehensive candidate profiles which include the following key components: executive summary, personal data, career experience, compensation history and educational background. Each profile details a candidate’s strengths and weaker points for the targeted opportunity.

Arrange Candidate Interviews with Client – After we have reviewed the profiles of the best-qualified candidates with you, we arrange for you to meet with each selected candidate. We maintain frequent contact with the candidates you are most interested in and provide feedback from these communications to you so that each candidate’s questions and concerns can be thoroughly addressed. It is important to note that this stage is the most time intensive of the entire cycle.

Conduct Reference Checks on Successful Candidate – After you have selected the candidate who is best suited for the opportunity, we conduct comprehensive competency-based reference checks with previous bosses, peers, subordinates and customers.

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